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  • A unique global exchange to educate future generations of leaders.

An official program by the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU), the MAGIS student exchange is an innovative and one-of-a-kind higher education program that will help students discern their role as global agents of change, promoting Ignatian men and women for others, and fostering leadership and reflection about current pressing social and environmental issues.

Three dimensions, one year

Global Environmental
Citizenship Course

“An online course about Global Citizenship, focusing on Environmental Justice, instructed by Loyola University Chicago”

You will:

  • Understand local and global impacts of biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and climate change.
  • “Evaluate these impacts from both a moral and spiritual perspective.”
  • “Act as a responsible local and global citizen in view of these challenges.”

Academic exchange

  • Studying one semester abroad
  • Free course choice across an academic offer
  • Gaining credit classes in your destination university
  • For acquiring an intercultural academic perspective
  • For a broadened intellectual and international horizon

Mission-related experience

During your semester abroad, you will have an experience of Internship, Volunteering or Service-learning to help you:

  • Bring regional observations into a global context
  • Engage in community support
  • Learn and carry responsibility
1st Semester

Home Institution

Global Environmental Citizenship Course (I)
2nd Semester


International academic exchange
Global Environmental Citizenship Course (II)
International mission-related experience

39 institutions from 5 continents


Coordinating institutions


The MAGIS Experience program is the result of the collaboration of the institutions shown before. The MAGIS Task Force, in which all six regions of Jesuit higher education are represented, coordinates the project.


Francisco de Borja Martin Garrido


Task Force Chair, Kircher Network

Olivia Quiroz



Elizabeth Abba



René Padilla



Tomoe Yoshino



Hilarion Rakotoarison SJ



Michael Schuck


Global Environmental Citizenship Course


Participating students

Requirements for accepting students, including language requirements, are at the sole discretion at the Receiving University. Each prospective exchange student will be nominated by her/his home institution and the final destination will depend on the acceptance on the part of the host Receiving Universities(s) upon the recommendation of IAJU. All undergraduate students at participating Jesuit universities are eligible for the Magis Exchange program.

Participating students’ involvement

Student participants will be expected to be involved in a Jesuit mission co-curricular component, developed by their host institution. For more information, check the “Meet other Magis” section of this webpage.

Contact person

Questions regarding Magis Exchange program details and processes can be addressed to the Executive Secretary or to the representative of your regional association. Check the “Participating institutions” section for contact details.

An official project of

Coordinating Office

Contact person:

Aranza Márquez Mora


Magis Exchange Coordinating Office Universidad de Loyola de Andalucía Mail: magiscoordination@uloyola.es